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Today, it is rather trivial to buy a router, connect your devices, and forget about the system. However, even the most basic pieces of technology equipment have many more services that can help you get more use from them. Whether it is adding networked cameras, home automation, or designing and installing an entire network with a server, we have the ability to increase both your productivity and efficiency in these areas.

For our home customers, home automation is becoming an increasingly complex and crowded marketplace. Knowing which products are compatible or give the best value and ease of use can become an exercise in frustration. We have done the research and our staff can help design a system that will incorporate into your existing technology ecosystem. Of course, we offer installation and setup services to make sure everything is completed correctly and professionally and security is maintained.

Along with smart home/home automation, we offer small scale data services for our home customers. This includes setting up a home server, connecting all network computers, and helping centralize your data to ensure that important files never get lost. Things like photos, home movies, family records are all increasingly digital and ensuring a safe and consistent environment is important. Contact us today and let our staff help you find the right solution for you.

For our small business customers, our network services go beyond our home offering. Along with design and installation, we offer remote and on-site support and monitoring services to ensure that your network experiences the absolute minimum down time. With our own in-house monitoring solution, our offices are notified of any issues so that they can be resolved quickly.

Security is an extremely important issue when it comes to your data. We can help connect your offices together along encrypted routes so you can conduct business knowing your information is secure. Our network assessment will identify weak points within your infrastructure so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Protecting your home or office with a camera system is a great investment. We offer consultation services to help you design and implement an efficient and exceptional system to suit your needs.

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