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We at TCO Technology value your privacy, and will never sell or otherwise disseminate (giveaway) your information without your expressed permission or where required by law (even then, we will make sure it is absolutely necessary). We do not send mass emails, you are not subscribed to any periodical or advertising sites, and we will not under any circumstance keep your sensitive information in any place accessible to the public. If you receive an unsolicited or unexpected email from us, it will be someone asking if there is anything you need, and we will never send attachments unless we have previously arranged for one to be sent. If you do receive an unsolicited email from us and this email has an attachment, it is not from us. Please be careful.

Our website does use cookies and by visiting our site, you agree to allowing our site store cookies on your computer. Cookies are little pieces of information that a website stores on your computer when you visit it. The reason for this is simple; it makes your internet experience more personal. This small pieces of information contain information related to who you are. For example, when you login into your email, the auto-complete function of your browser already has your username stored. These are cookies. If you want to remove these cookies, you use the settings of your browser to clear this information.

On a final note, TCO believes in being fair and honest. Even if you choose not to do business with us, contact us anyway and ask questions, compare services, and anything else that can help you find your solution. Let us make sure you get the best for your money. Thanks for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon.